fireBLDC re-built

I just re-built my largest 12″ quad, the “bumblebee” with the fireBLDC 1.2 brushless controllers mounted directly under the motors under round aluminum carrier plates. This is really the way these brushless controllers are meant to be installed:

bumble_fire_1_2er bumble_fire_detail

Of course the cable routing could be better (inside the riggers and through the aluminum plate), but for testing/quick installation, this is ideal. The first two flights were excellent, the quad really makes a nice humming sound when rising at full throttle, like a church organ pipe ;-). The CAN bus makes it extremely robust, so no fears of I2C bus errors here, even with long cabling. I also put some position light LEDs at each end, because the fireBLDC supports to switch one LED for this reason. Sadly I decided to use only a microcontroller GPIO, so the LEDs are very dark due to the little current. For the next version, I will use more powerful LED drivers.


New hot sensors

What I currently look at: Invensense has its MPU 9250 coming up, which could be a nice replacement for the MPU-6000 6DOF Gyro/Acc and HMC5883L Compass in one chip package. So, less PCB space occupied and less different parts to source as well as a simpler serial protocol. Looks like the future IMU for quads! Also, I like the new ublox GPS module with an integrated patch antenna, the PAM-7Q. Too sad I am not a facebooker, so I can’t press any like buttons for that one. Both the Invense IMU and ublox GPS are upcoming products which can not be sourced yet, so there a nice candidates for an upcoming design.