DC Easy up and running!

Today I managed to get my first DC Easy Rev 1.4 up and running 😉 I wanted to do it at the CCCamp 2015, but I had very bad luck with the two first PCBs (assembly problems with our reflow oven which does not produce really reliable PCBs with fine pitch and QFN components). Only electronic geeks can share the insanely lucky feeling when at last a LED is blinking (but for this, of course we need a floating point ARM Microcontroller – ah well, a 555 Timer would also do, but everybody can do that!).

DC Easy yey

I posted some information about the DC Easy electronics in the electronics category. The DC Easy is really great: A complete quadrotor electronics with flight control and four brushless controllers on a single 50x50mm PCB (where others barely manage to put a flight control µC and some SMD resistors). The DC Easy hardware was created in 2014 but due to a lack of time, the software for it still is not ready, but is targeted for the CCCamp 2015.

Some history

I wrote down the development history with some nice pictures of the logikopter and the first revisions of the dragonCopter hardware. See the about page. Having a look back sometimes gives a good prediction what can be anticipated in the future ;-).

Back again

It has been quite a while since the last post. Becoming a father does not necessarily ramp up your time budget for your hobbies, but abandoning your hobbies does not necessarily make you a better father, because hobbies make you lucky. And when you are lucky, you can be a better father! So, whats up next? I always wanted to implement the navigation features such as GPS position hold/ waypoint navigation and the like. But until now, I only managed to implement a simple barometric height controller, which is a good start for navigation, but not yet the complete solution. So this will be my target for this year. I also switched my blog to the english language, so it is not limited to a german audience anymore.